Lesson 25 W ho’s Mona Lisa?

Step 1

( ) 1. The passage is mainly about______.

A. a photo

B. a painting

C. a newspaper

D. a studio ( ) 2. According to the text, the most intriguing part of the painting is Mona Lisa’s.

A. eyes

B. smile

C. hair

D. face

( ) 3. The “Mona Lisa” painting is now exhibited in______.

A. the Louvre Museum in Berlin

B. the Louvre Museum in Boston

C. the Louvre Museum in London

D. the Louvre Museum in Paris

( ) 4. Who’s Mona Lisa?

A. Lisa del Giocondo.

B. Leonardo da Vinci.

C. Lillian Schwartz of Bell Labs.

D. There’s no solid proof yet.

( ) 5. “Mona Lisa” is no doubt the most_____ painting in the world.

A. suspicious

B. dramatic

C. ridiculous

D. famous

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