Shopping in Stores VS Shopping online

As we all know, people used to go shopping in stores. There are many people doing so now, of course. Nevertheless, with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people choose to do shopping online instead of going to stores personally. In terms of doing shopping in stores or online, people’s opinions are divided into two sides, including one side that supports the former and the other side which is in favor of the latter. Both of them have their own reasons.

Those who would rather do shopping in stores hold the point that doing shopping in stores is better than on the Internet in many ways. Firstly, they can see the goods in stores and compare with other ones so that they can decide which one to buy. Secondly, they can go shopping with their families or friends. In that case, they are able to spend spare time with them and enjoy the shopping time. Thirdly, doing shopping in stores makes those who are tired of mass of work free from pressure and stress in work. To some degree, it enables them to do some physical exercises and feel more relaxed.

However, standing on the other side are these people who point out that doing shopping online is superior to doing shopping in stores. In the first place, being busy with their study and work, people have little time to go to stores. Instead, it is really convenient to do shopping online because it can help them to save time. In addition, it is helpful to keep pace with the development of the Internet and become more familiar with if. Last but not least, there is little dispute that the disabled people benefit a lot from online shopping. After all, they don’t have a tough time going to stores any more.

Comparing doing shopping in stores with online shopping, it is hard to say which is better than the other and they all have advantages. Therefore, go shopping in the way you like.