Unit 11 Humor-American Style

Unit 11 Humor--- American Style

Comprehension Test:

True or False:

1.Professor Regina Barecca thinks that there is a style of humor typical of America.

2.Ambrose Bierce’s dictionary is about the usage of English words.

3.Humor has its source in scandals, pretensions and affectations.

4.The common link among countries that were once colonized was the similarity of their


5.Ambrose Bierce defined an “acquaintance”as a person whom we know well enough to

borrow from, but not well enough to lend to”.

6.American humor and Australian humor are strongly anti-British.

Multiple-choice Questions:

7.Trying to be funny is part of ___ tradition in America.


b. seven years old

c. a century-old

d. seventy years old

8.According to Regina Barecca American humor is really about ___.

a.obeying the rules

b. keeping the rules

c. breaking the rules

d. supporting the rules

9.Today American humorists continue to explore new ___ territory.


b. comedic

c. common

d. community

10.Professor Barecca believes humor, when it breaks taboos and crosses lines is ___.


b. lasting

c. literary

d. liberating

11.Ambrose Bierce defined “___” as “one skilled in circumvention of the law”.


b. judge

c. lawyer

d. law-maker

Guided Note-taking:

Professor Regina Barecca is an authority in ___. According to her: There is a distinct ___ Style of ___. Trying to be funny is part of ___ in America. People have been making fun of exactly the same elements in ___, such as laughing at ___ and ___. Professor Regina Barecca is editor of a book on ___. American humor is fun because ___. ___ are American humorists’favorite themes. American humor is really about ___. A lot of American humor is about people ___. Today American humorists continue to explore ___, and use ___ to comment on American social mores. One humorous example is about the sensitive relationship between ___. It is said that the family unit as we know it did not exist before the invention of ___ and that the hared between men and women began when there were inter-cave ___ matches. Ambrose Bierce in his humorous ___ defined the word “acquaintance”as ___. He defined “consolation”as “the knowledge that a man better than yourself is ___, and also defined “lawyer”as “one skilled in circumvention of ___”. Professor Barecca believes humor, when it breaks taboos and crosses lines, gives a wonderful ___ experience. This feeling is ___. She finds a ___ among countries like ___ that were once colonized. She writes: one of the striking things about American humor is its focus on an important belief about ___. She writes: ___ is the sound you make when you are ___.