How I met your mother

So, that just happened. T ony nominee Cristin Milioti was the cause of thousands of gasps, screams and cheers Monday night when it was revealed that the former Once leading lady was the titular matriarch on CBS’s long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother. After eight seasons of waiting, audiences were finally treated to their first introduction to the mysterious mother…but we bet that you don’t know her like you think you do! Since this adorable actress is about to blow up, we thought we’d dig up some of her best soundbites on and give Hollywood a little primer on the tremendous talent that is Cristin Milioti.

如你所见,当剧集中公开了Cristin Milioti饰演的角色就是“老妈”(原文用词是“the titular matriarch”)时,这位托尼奖提名者、音乐剧“曾经”的女主角引发了成千上万观众的急促呼吸和欢声尖叫。经过了八年之久的等待,观众们终于得以一见神秘老妈的真容。但我们敢肯定你们还没有那么了解这位新演员。这位可爱的女演员的人气在一夜间暴涨,我们(百老汇官网)觉得应该去替你们挖掘一些关于她的小轶事、看看这位身怀惊人才艺的姑娘的冰山一角,就当做是献给好莱坞的启蒙书。

1. She’s got a thing for birds.

“Like that episode of Portlandia, I’m slightly obsessed with things that have birds on them. I am 90% more likely to buy something if it has a bird on it. But that stems from my larger obsession, which is with pigeons. They’re the athletes of the bird world.”



2. RuPaul’s Drag Race is at the top of her TV obsessions list.

“I love everything about this show—the glamour, the intrigue, the glitter, the TALENT, the songs, the fights, the tears, the lip-syncing, the gowns, Latrice Royale, the eyelashes.”


“我爱这档节目的一切——选手们的魅力,他们的密谋,表演时的闪光,他们的才艺,演唱的歌曲,比赛时的对抗,比赛中的眼泪,歌手们的假唱,那些长袍服装,Latrice Royale这