Unit 1

Passage A

1With his promotion, he has taken on greater responsibilities.

2He felt he did not have to make such a commitment to John any more.

3Mary likes to go shopping in her spare time, as opposed to Lucy, who prefers to stay at home reading.

4At best he’s ambitious, at worst a power-seeker without conscience or qualifications.

5We have striven to the full to convince him, but we have made no headway. Passage B

6The popularity of Internet provides people with quick and convenient access to information.

7Since he doesn’t agree to this plan, there is not much point in thinking about i t any more.

8I haven't seen it myself, but it is supposed to be a very good film.

9If you don't work hard, you'll end up nowhere.

10It's up to the United States to take the initiative in banning nuclear weapons.

Unit 2

Passage A

11He is no more fit to be a headmaster than any schoolboy would be.

12As for her father, she is not sure whether he will accept her and her baby.

13Staying up late will undermine one’s health while going to bed early and getting up early will benefit i t.

14The ambassador personally conveyed the president’s message to the premier.

15The girl decided to open up and tell the police what she had seen.

Passage B

16Excessive exercises does more harm than good to one’s health. Therefore we must control the amount of exercise we do.

17He made a few attempts to join in their conversation, but he gave up out of timidness.

18Trains cannot compete wi th planes in terms of convenience and speed.

19Making a comparison between Chinese and American cultures will help you to better understand and adapt to your study environment in the USA.

20It is a tradi tional Chinese virtue for the young on buses to yield their seats to the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled.

Unit 3

Passage A

21It is simply unbelievable for him to change 500 dollars for a haircut.

22People grant you the privilege, so you should serve the people wholeheartedly.

23The weather forecast is very important so that we can decide when to go to sea.

24The sound of guns violated the usual calmness of Sunday morning, and people had a strong feeling that the war was coming.

25Even though you read three pages per minute, you will by no means finish the book by the end of this weekend.

Passage B

26He can beat his opponent easily without giving a second thought.

27With little or no knowledge of driving, he drove the car onto the road.

28It is illegal to make an unauthorized change in the construction of the bridge.

29I could accept this fact calmly because I knew if I were not able to finish the mission, chances were that the team would be defeated.

30Children in remote mountain areas are lacking in scientific and cultural knowledge.

Unit 4

Passage A

31My grandfather’s interests rang from playing chess to climbing mountains although he is 70 years.

32Surprisingly, Tom’s grandmother plays wi th dolls at the age of 80.

33His selflessness and talent qualify him for the job most students dream to get.

34What interpretation would you put on his odd/strange dream?

35The brand-new car our boss has just bought id capable of making 200 kilometers an hour.

Passage B

36He suggested at the board meeting that the easy task should be left to Mary whose health is poor.

37Mr Brown, who is in Hong Kong now, has a lot of teaching experience and will come to teach our students in the spring.

38This is the best hotel in our city: the food is good and the same is true of the service.

39In order to attract more passengers, the caption assured all the passengers of the safety of traveling by ship.

40His new car, for which he had paid¥150 000, was seriously damaged in an accident and was beyond repair.

Unit 5

Passage A

41The airplane they boarded soared out of sight right after i t took off.

42At the meeting, the two sides had a hot debate. The reformers put forward many reforming measures.

43In the long run, we should learn more about science and technology. Besides our major subjects, knowledge of computers, English and driving is necessary for our work.

44She does gymnastic exercises four times a week in the quest to achieve the perfect body.

45Every morning in the park, some old people are doing physical exercises there, chatting with each other at the same time.

Passage B

46Won’t it be better if we take measures to change the present situation?

47I didn’t give him credit for such a skill. (I didn’t give credit to him for such a skill.)

48They have been learning English up to now, though in their advanced age.

49He has not been to school for seven days because of illness.

50The children ran out of the classroom, jumping and singing.

Unit 6

Passage A

51She portrayed her childhood as a time of wonder and discovery.

52Experiments showed that nonsmokers committed fewer errors than smokers.

53Football fans are often highly regarded not for their own achievement, but through their connection to a team that wins.

54Despite the actors’wonderful acting, the three-hour movie could not hold our attention.

55Professor Wang is the only doctor I can rely on to save my son.

Passage B

56We don’t think your proposal is qui te in place, so you should give it up.

57When he arrived home, he found nothing but some broken furniture there.

58Given the condition of the engine, it is a wonder that i t even starts.

59In terms of employment, the hotel industry is the second largest industry in this country.

60Everyone in this country had the right to live where he wants to, regardless of the color of his skin.

Unit 7

Passage A

61Although he said he had done a lot for the case, his success was at least in part due to luck.

62The issue to be discussed is critical, because it will determine the future of many people.

63I’ll try my best to avoid imposing my ideas on others.

64Rarely can people face up to the defects in their own characters in such a situation.

65College life is referred to as the m ost beautiful period of one’s life.

Passage B

66Generally speaking he is quite learned, especially in the field of mathematics.

However, when i t comes to politics, he knows nothing.

67According to the survey they made of the 1000 workers who missed out on the chance to go to university, their failure in the college entrance exam inations had a profound effect on their later life.

68Owing to cost rise, employers refuse to pay the retirement pension for their employees. On the flip side, employees are unwilling to stay in the same company for their whole lives.

69Since you’ve told me who should take responsibility for the matter, I will not pursue it any further.

70I will try to set aside half an hour each day to do some exercise even in the busiest season.