step by step 3000 3英语听力入门答案及原文

Unit 3 World News: Economic Developments

Part I Warming up


1. Who have been meeting in Hong Kong today to discuss the outlook for the global economy?

Central Bank governors from more than a dozen countries.

2. What does UNCTAD say about the worldwide total of foreign investment?

It grew by 40% last year to more than 600 billion dollars.

3. Who has approved a cut in income tax rates?

The United States House of Representatives.

4. Who has announced job cuts after a fall in demand for its products? Intel

What is its plan?

To reduce its workforce by 5,000.

5. What decisions have been made by EU, the U.S. and Canada after a case of foot-and-mouth disease was confirmed in France?

EU has imposed further restrictions on the movement of livestock.

The U.S. and Canada have issued temporary bans on the import of animal produce from EU.


1. Central Bank governors from more than a dozen countries have been