EMC test report

Product: Power Supply

Model No: Hilight-012-vco

Serial No: 60100024

Test Standard: EN 55011 Class A

Test result: Fail

Electrical: Input: AC-187v~~253v 50HZ~~60HZ (tolerance 5%) 1.6A

Output: 200Wmax

Report by: Xiao King

Date: 2008/7/29

The EUT has been tested according to EN55011 Class A

For radiated emission and conducted emission tests, the EUT was powered by 220V 50Hz

Conducted emission Test setup

EMC test report

Conducted Emission Test procedure

a. The EUT was placed 0.4 meters from the conducting wall of shielded room with

EUT being connected to the power mains through a line impedance stabilization network (LISN).

b. Both lines of the power mains connected to the EUT were checked for maximum conducted interference.

c. The frequency range from 150 kHz to 30 MHz was searche

d. Emission levels over 10dB under the prescribed limits are not reported.