Leader actresses 邱渭姬陈婉婷杨苗

SCENE 1: Mickel and Monica's apartment (William enter)

William:.Hey! So what's the big news you had me rush all the way over here for?

Hey! 到底有什么大事,你让我们着急忙慌地来这?

Mickel: Ok, our news. My company has asked me to head up our office in Hong Kong , so as of Monday I'm being officially [?'fi??li] relocated['ri:l?u'keit]. Okay, 是这样.公司让我去香港做分公司的

头儿,所以~星期一我就正式掉走了. William:Oh my God! What?!Monday?! How long do you have to go for?

Oh my God!什么?!星期一?你得呆多久呢? Mickel: They said it could be up to a year.


William:A year?!(To Monica) Do you have to go?


Monica: I have to go,don't I? Because of this stupid thing

(Points to her wedding ring.)

我也得走,不是吗?就因为这个蠢东西. Mickel: There is nothing like the support of your loving wife, huh?

听起来可一点也不像爱妻的支持, huh? William:.Wait a minute, you can't go to Hong Kong .


Mickel: Why?


William:.Maybe you forgot, but we've got tickets to the basketball game next week.


Mickel: I'm sorry buddy, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it.

对不起兄弟, 但我认为我不能去了. William:We were gonna go see the Yi Jianlian.

我们得去看Yi Jianlian!

Monica: No!!! Ah!! Ahh!!!


SCENE 2: Micleand Monica's apartment

Mickel: Hey!

(Enters) Hey!

Monica: Hey!


Mickel: I've got good news!


Monica: You got out of the whole Hong kong thing?


Mickel: Okay, I have news. You don't have to move to Hong kong . You can stay here and keep your job. Okay, 我有个消息.你不用辞职.

Monica: It's great! How?

太棒了! 怎么回事?

Mickel:Well my boss and I worked out a deal where I only have to be in Hong Kong four days a week, so the other three I can be here with you.

老板和我协调了一下,我只要一周在香港呆四天,另外三天我就能和你在一起. Monica: So you're gonna be gone four days a week? (Thinks about it.) No.

那么说你一周要有四天不在家?不行. Mickel: I'm sorry, are you just used to saying “No”? 对不起, 你是不是习惯说不?

Monica: No. I can't be away from you for that long. 不. 我不能离开你那么久.

Mickel: Really?


Monica: Yeah, you're my husband. I'm not gonna live in a different state than you for 208 days out of the year. Yeah, 你是我老公.我不要一年的208天都和你分隔两地.

Mickel: That's fast math! We could use you in Hong kong .

算得可真快!我们可以在香港雇你. Monica: Honey, thanks for trying to figure out a way, but if you're going to Hong Kong, I wanna go with you. Honey,谢谢你为我想办法,但如果你要去香港,我要跟你一起去.

Mickel: Hey, you said that without gagging[g?gi?]! Hey, 你说这些话的时候没作呕!

Monica: I know!


SCENE: Micleand Monica's apartment

Mickel: Hey


Mickel: I have a good idea.The tickets to the basketball don't have to bounce[bauns].


William:It's great! How?

太棒了! 怎么回事?

Chandler: It's not a good time to tall about this.What is the time for the movie?



Mickel: What time is it now?


William:Twenty to eight.


Mickel:"Well, don't stand there like a ninny['nini].We are going to be late.Hurry up!