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Fmoc–Thr[GalNAc(Ac)3–α–D]–OH is a building block in the development of cancer vaccines.

In Vitro: The O–glycosidic linkage and the O–acetyl protection in this building block is stable to both piperidine and TFA, making it completely compatible with standard protocols in Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis. The Tn antigen is a tumor–associated

carbohydrate antigen that is not normally expressed in peripheral tissues or blood cells. Expression of this antigen, which is found in a majority of human carcinomas of all types, arises from a blockage in the normal O–glycosylation pathway in which glycans are extended from the common precursor GalNAcα1–O–Ser/Thr (Tn +antigen). This precursor is generated in the Golgi apparatus on newly synthesized glycoproteins by a family of polypeptide α– N–acetylgalactosaminyltransferases (ppGalNAcTs) and then extended to the common core 1 O–glycan Galβ1–3GalNAcα1–OSer/Thr (T antigen) by a single enzyme termed the T–synthase (core 1

β3–galactosyltransferase or C1GalT). Formation of the active form of the T–synthase requires a unique molecular chaperone termed Cosmc, encoded by Cosmc on the X–chromosome [1].


[1]. Ju T, et al. The Cosmc connection to the Tn antigen in cancer. Cancer Biomark. 2014 Jan 1;14(1):63-81.

Product Name:

Fmoc–Thr[GalNAc(Ac)3–α–D]–OH Cat. No.:

HY-P0232CAS No.:

116783-35-8Molecular Formula:

C 33H 38N 2O 13Molecular Weight:


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Caution: Product has not been fully validated for medical applications. For research use only.

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