Business Contractual Relationships


M ary and Margaret are friends and have 玛丽和玛格丽特是好姐妹,

both moved into a new estate.双双搬进新居,

living across the road from each other.对路而居。

They have both taken a week off from 她们都找了一个休息日

Work to go shopping together for items 到街上买新居

They require for their new flats. 需要的东西。

They decided to go to the new hypermarket, 她们决定到新超市

Have-it-all, which had just opened to see what 看看有什么可以买的。

was available.

M ary saw a three piece leather suite which 玛丽看见了个三件套

She just love, and as it was in the sales at 好生喜欢,当它

half price, Mary decided to buy it. The 五折的时候,玛丽就想买。

salesperson who sold it to her told her 售货员说不能退货了,

tha,since it was in the sale, she could not 但是这并没有让她困扰。

return it under any circumstances.

Mary loved the suite so much this did

Not bother her.

M argaret decided to buy a new washing 玛格丽特想买一台新洗衣机和一台新

Machine and fridge freezer.The price of 冰箱,因为没带够钱,想刷卡,毕竟these was more than she afford to pay in 木有手续费。她想明年付钱。

cash so she decided to take the credit

option which the shop was offering.

After all, it was interest free credit, so

She would still be paying exactly the

same price over a period of one year.

The salesperson told her the credit 销售员告诉她信用卡由LRU提供,was financed through Loan-r-Us and 她只需要填表就可以了。

she did not have to do anything as all

the work was done through Have-it-all.

All she required to do was sign the forms.

S ince both Mary and Margaret’s purchases玛丽和玛格丽特买完后,货两天后到,are in stock, delivery was organized for two她们就继续休假。