一、A(Right)or B(Wrong)

1、-Shall we see a movie tonight?-See you later.

B Wrong

2、-What would you like to drink,madam?

-Can I have a glass of white wine?

A Right

3、-When did you first come to China?

-10 years ago.

A Right

4、-Do you like your job? -I’m a nurse.

B Wrong

5、-What are you going to do this evening?

-Iwent there with some friends.

B Wrong

6、-Hello ,xiaoyan.How was the party?

-Hi,jack.We had a great time.

A Right

7、-How are you feeling today?

-I’d rather stay at home

B Wrong

8、-How old are you?-Yes,I’m.

B Wrong

9、-Can I get you something to drink?

-Yes,piease.A coca-cola for me.

A Right

10、-How can I book a cheap hotel?

-If I were you,I’d phone a travel agent.

A Right

11、-Are you ready to order?

-Yes.I’ll have a chicken salad please.

A Right

12、-Is there a bank near here?

-Yes.Isaw him this morning.

B Wrong

13、-When did he go to America?

-Two years ago.

A Righ t

14、-I went to a fashion show last night.

-Who took away my book?

B Wrong

15、-Have you ever tried windsurfing?

-It’s very kind of you.

B Wrong

16、-Where did you go in China?

-I went there by train.

B Wrong

17、-Can you remember the doctor’s telephone number? -Yes.It’s 6825612.

A Right

18、-Can I help you ?

-Yes,please.I’d like to reserve a room.

A Right

19、-How do you like the film?

-It’s very good.I like it.

A Right

20、-Have you been to America?

-I’ve never been there but I hope to go there In the future.

A Right

21、--- Shall we go to a restaurant?--- See you later.

B. Wrong

22、-- What would you like to have?

--- An orange juice, please.

A. Right

23.--- Where did you go for your holiday?

--- Two years ago.

B. Wrong

24. --- What time will the next train leave?

--- At 8.19.

A. Right

25.--- What are you going to do tomorrow morning? --- I saw a film with my son.

B. Wrong

26.--How is the weather today?

--I’m fine,thank you.

B. Wrong

27.—What does he look like?

--He is tall and thin.

A. Right

28.—Can I help you?--Nice to see you.

B. Wrong

29.—What’s your job?

--I’m a nurse.

A. Right

B. Wrong

30.—Shall we have something to eat before we go?

--Nice to meet you.

A. Right

B. Wrong 第三部分句型变换,根据提示或利用括号里的词语改写


1.Tim didn’t stay in the meeting. He left the

office.(用instead of将连成一句)

He left the office instead of staying in the meeting.

2.Where is the restaurant?(用He asked 改写成间


He asked where the restaurant was.

3.That cinema is very nice. The tickets are quite


That cinema is very nice but the tickets are

quite expensive.

4.He’s gone to Shanghai.He’s negotiating a new


He’s gone to Shanghai to negotiate a new


5.He didn’t run fast.He didn’t catch the bus.(用


He didn’t run fast enough to catch the bus.

6.I went shopping. I needed a new pair of


I went shopping because I needed a new pair of


7.”Can you phone me later Susan?” said David.(用


David asked Susan to phone him later.

8.I’m a teacher and she is also a teacher.(用so改

写句子) I’m a teacher and so is she.

9.She forgot about the meeting yesterday.(用

What针对the meeting 改写句子)

What did she forget about yesterday?

10.His neighbor hear them. They made a noise.(用


His neighbor heard them making a noise.

11.He stole the laptop.(改为被动语态)

The laptop was stolen by him.

12.Tim didn’t go to work the next day. He cleaned

up the flat.(用ins tead of将两句合成一句)

He cleared up the fla t instead of going to work

the next day.

13.”I can’t find my notebook,’she said.(改为间接引

语) She said that she couldn’t find her notebook.

14.It was a place. He wanted to go there.(用where


It was a place where he wanted to go.

15.Tim has lost his camera. I have lost my


Tim has lost his camera and so have I.

16.I was too hot. I couldn’t open the window.(用


I was too hot but I couldn’t open the windows.

17.Although it rained, the visit was a success.(用

In spite of 将两句连成一句)

In spite of the rain, the visit was a success.

18.I’m tall and thin. My mother is too.(用s o将两句

连成一句) I’m tall and thin ,so is my mother.

19.They are going to look after the cat.(用What

针对the cat改写句子)

What are they going to look after?

20.He disturbed the burglars.(用被动语态改写句子)

The burglars were disturbed by him.

21.They smashed the window .(改写成被动语态)

The window was smashed (by them)

22.Mary didn’t stay at home .She went round to

see Tim (用instead of 将两个句子合成一句)

Instead of staying at home, Mary went round to

see him

23.I can’t keep accounts.She can’t keep accounts


I can’t keep accounts and neither can she

24.His neighbour listened to them .They damaged

the flat.(用动词ing形式将两个句子改成一句)

His neighbour listened to them damaging the flat

25.Jack is responsible for all the training(用What

针对all the training 提问)

What is Jack responsible for ?

26. It was raining. We went home. (用so



子合成一句) It was raining so we went home

27. They’Jim提


28. She’


She’s coming here to sign the contract.

29. He didn’t run fast. He didn’t catch the bus. (用


He didn’t run fast enough to catch the bus

30. “Have you got my bag?” she asked. (将句子改

成间接引语) she asked if I had (got) her bag.


1.He got on well with his sister.


2.He pointed out that she needed a bette violin..


3.They walked slowly along the road.


4.She borrowed the book and gave it back on

Monday. 他借了那本书后来周一把书还了

5.I’m in meeting until 1.00. 我开会开到1分钟

6.Although it is very enjoyable,the film is too

long. 虽然这部电影非常有意思,但是它太长了

7.Sandy is wearing a long,black ,silk dress.


8.I need to be at the airport by 6.00 O’clock.


9.Imust have left the cemera in a shop.


10.The accounts,which are in a bit of a mess,have

to be ready for next month.


11.We have enough money to improve the website.


12.Do you take after you mother or father?


13.I have to move out of my room on Friday

because France has got another tenant.


14.One of the biggest sporting events in the world

is the Olmpic Games.


15.It would be great to see you to catch up on all

our news. 见面后了解我们最近发生的事将太棒了

16.I had the windows cleaned yesterday.


17.He used to play basketball every Sunday


18.They enjoyed themselves at the party


19.She doesn’t like swimming and neither does

her sister 她不喜欢游泳,她姐姐也不喜欢

20.I’v been learning English for three years


21.He studies in a university west of Beijing


22.He came across an old painting at his riend’s

house 他在朋友家看到一幅古画

23.She would buy a large house if she won the

lottery 如果她中彩票了,她会买一所大房子

24.The flat was in a bit of mess 这个公寓有点乱

25.Both of the boys are good at singing


26. I can’t find the key. I must have left it in the

car. 我找不到钥匙了,我肯定是把钥匙丢在车上了

27.Polly(波莉)is worried about her lack of

experience. 波莉担心自己缺乏经验

28.She needs to return the book by next Friday.


29.I’ve got the same sense of humour as my mum.


30.While she was waiting, her phone rang.