Harvard referencing 3 哈佛大学参考文献格式指导 - (世界顶尖大学专用版)

Harvard referencing 3 哈佛大学参考文献格式指导 - (世界顶尖大学专用版)


Harvard Style

Based on Style manual for authors, editors and printers

/ revised by Snooks & Co. 2002

Quick guide - How to USE IT

•There are various ways of setting out references / bibliographies for an assignment.

NOTE •Before you write your list of references/bibliography check with your

lecturer/tutor for the bibliographic style preferred by the Academic


•The following are examples of one style previously known as the Harvard style based on AGPS style but now revised by Snooks & Co, 2002. The style is based on the author-date system for books, articles and “non-books”.

•Your bibliography should identify an item (e.g. book, journal article, cassette tape, film, or internet site) in sufficient detail so that others may identify it and consult it.

•Your bibliography should appear at the end of your essay/report with entries listed alphabetically.

•If you have used sources from the Internet, these should be listed in your bibliography.


The details required in order are:

1. name/s of author/s, editor/s, compiler/s or the institution responsible

2. year of publication

3. title of publication and subtitle if any (all titles must be underlined or italicised)

4. series title and individual volume if any

5. edition, if other than first

6. publisher

7. place of publication

8. page number(s) if applicable

• One author

Berkman, RI 1994, Find it fast: how to uncover expert information on any subject, HarperPerennial, New York.

Explanation of above citation

Harvard referencing 3 哈佛大学参考文献格式指导 - (世界顶尖大学专用版)

• Two or more authors

Cengel, YA & Boles, MA 1994, Thermodynamics: an engineering approach, 2nd edn,

McGraw Hill, London.

Cheek, J, Doskatsch, I, Hill, P & Walsh, L 1995, Finding out: information literacy for the

21st century, MacMillan Education Australia, South Melbourne.