Study on China’s Logistics Industry in the Information Era

Study on China’s Logistics Industry in the Information Era

Abstract:In the information era,China’s logistics industry faces a development opportunity, as well-as an austere challenge.In order to establish a reasonable strategy in China,it is very important to analyze the logistics. Industry’s operation circumstances with a global and informational perception.For this reason。This article analyzes the current situation of China’s logistics industry, identifies the existing problems. And further finds the possible solutions in present China.

Key words:Logistics Information Era


International experiences have shown that the development of logistics industry plays a very important role in promoting local economic growth,enhancing economy performance and improving economic structure. China’s logistics industry has burgeoned in recent years.A wide variety of enterprises in the logistics industry are also fast booming. Logistics services, such as distribution, Inter-modal transportation, warehousing and so on, have attained a certain degree of development.But logistics in China is still in its primary development stage. There are two apparent characteristics.One is that different enterprises apply different types of logistics due to their different interpretations of logistics.The other is an Unbalanced development of logistics industry in different parts of China.In addition,the tide of information is putting a more and more important impact.China’s logistics industry is inevitably drifted into it.Therefore。we have to face how to develop China’s logistics industry next and what we should do now.

2.Current Situations of China’s Logistics Industry in the Information Era