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Chemical compounds and substances


This specification describes IKEA bans and restrictions on certain chemical compounds and substances due to national or international regulations and/or health and environmental concerns.

About this specification

The purpose of IKEA requirements concerning chemical substances in IKEA products is to: − Minimise harmful effects to customers' health and to the environment from IKEA products. − Ensure compliance of IKEA articles with health and environmental regulations in all IKEA


This specification concerns chemical substances in all materials and components in IKEA articles, except:

− Surface coatings and coverings that are included in the scope of IOS-MAT-0066,

− Leather that is in the scope of IOS-MAT-0011,

− Candle raw materials (see instead IOS-MAT-0049),

− Adhesives used in wood-based materials that are in the scope of IOS-MAT-0069,

− Electrical materials/components as defined in IOS-PRG-0027 (see instead that


− According to other exceptions to the scope that may be made in the technical description

(TED) for a particular article or in other, material-specific IKEA specifications.

Note that the requirements stated in section 3 (for all materials) are valid for all materials and all complete products respectively including for material categories not specifically listed in the different sections of this specification, but not for the exceptions to IOS-MAT-0010 listed above. The requirements in section 10 (for complete product) are valid for the complete articles, for all material categories, including those not specifically listed in the different sections of this specification; and including those materials that are otherwise listed above as exceptions to IOS-MAT-0010 unless separate emission requirements are indicated for a specific material.

Further chemical requirements for the product or constituent materials can be specified in the individual technical description or in other IKEA specifications (for instance children’s articles and food-contact products).

Note that the requirements apply to materials in products. This means that it is not sufficient to secure compliance for a material as it is used in production; avoiding contamination during the manufacturing process and during storage and transport is also necessary. Example: gluing together of two materials when VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the glue can influence the materials.

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