Hawking (2000), Desitter Entropy, Quantum Entanglement

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b 2000hep-th/0002145

DeSitter Entropy,Quantum Entanglement and AdS/CFT Stephen Hawking ∗,Juan Maldacena †and Andrew Strominger †∗Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,Centre for Mathematical Sciences Wilberforce Road,Cambridge CB3OW A,UK †Department of Physics Harvard University Cambridge,MA 02138,USA Abstract A deSitter brane-world bounding regions of anti-deSitter space has a macroscopic entropy given by one-quarter the area of the observer horizon.A proposed variant of the AdS/CFT correspondence gives a dual description of this cosmology as conformal field theory coupled to gravity in deSitter space.In the case of two-dimensional deSitter

space this provides a microscopic derivation of the entropy,including the one-quarter,as quantum entanglement of the conformal field theory across the horizon.